Troubleshooting jobs

We make finding the perfect candidate easy, but sometimes you need a little extra help!

I posted my job on jobmedic, but I realized I need to edit the posting. How can I do this?

In the Jobs & Applications section of your jobmedic account, you can edit any part of your job posting by clicking on the job title from the Active tab.

Keep in mind, if you continue to edit your job posting’s title throughout the posting month, it will impact our ability to recommend this job to other qualified candidates.

I have found the perfect candidate for my open position, and I want to delete my job posting off jobmedic. How can I do this?

We recommend leaving your job posting active for the full month it is posted for (even if you’ve already found the perfect candidate) to accumulate as many resumes as possible. However, sometimes you just need to delete the posting. To do this, click the bin icon next the job listed within your Active tab.

It’s almost been a month and my job posting is about to expire on jobmedic, but I want to keep accepting candidates for the position. What do I do?

Use the Auto Renew feature to keep job postings active on the site for one additional month. Within the Active tab, click the job title, then click edit and then select Auto-Renew this Job Posting listed within Job Tracking section.

If you renew your job, it will count as a job posting credit for the additional month it is active.

I’ve found the perfect candidate for the position, and I know that I’ll probably need to fill this job again in the future. What can I do to make it easier next time?

Beyond creating a template of your job posting, you can also reactivate a job position. To reactivate a job, click the job title, then select New and then from the dropdown menu select copy to active. Templates can be created and modified under my templates section on the left hand sidebar.

Just a heads up – if you relist your job for another month, it will count as a job posting credit for the additional month it is active.

Have More Questions?

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