– How to create a job template

We would like to let you know about an interesting feature that every jobmedic user can use to spare time during the job posting process.

To create a template, please follow the below

Please choose Jobs & Applications once you have logged into your Jobmedic account.

On Jobs & Applications page, please select My Templates.

On My Templates page, please click on Add Template.

You will redirect to a page that looks like the Job Posting one. However, you will find that there are less mandatory fields compared to the page you use to post jobs. You will find asterisks enlightening all the mandatory fields. Furthermore, you will also find the “Read Only” option: the “Read Only” option locks the field and deactivates any changes during the posting process.

Once you are happy with your template, save it by selecting Continue.

You will redirect to My Templates page. You will need to activate the template you just created to use it in your Job Posting. You can do it selecting Activate.

Now you are free to use the template you just created when you post a new job.

Follow us here on and the next month we will show you how to create an auto-response letter!

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