– How to create and attach an auto-response letter

We would like to let you know about an interesting feature that every jobmedic user can use to be in touch with the applicants. To do so you are able to create auto-response letters to save time.

To create an auto-response letter, please follow the below.

Please choose Account tools once you have logged into your Jobmedic account.

On Account Tools page, please select Letters and then Add New Letter.

You will redirect to a page where you can create your new letter. Please add a title and select what kind of letter you would like to use. You have the option to create a text-only letter or to have it branded. You have three options to add your brand: as a header image, footer image or both.

To select an image you can both select an already existing one from your media by clicking on “Select from My Media” or you can upload a new image by clicking “Upload a new image”. Please be advised that the maximum dimensions allowed are width 600px and height 800px.

About the body of the letter, you can either write your text in the form or copy/paste from a document. You can also personalize the letter by opening the Data Tags drop off menu and select a desired tag for your letter.

Once you have entered your desired text and added your images, you can preview your letter by clicking on “Preview As Auto Response” and Save it when you are happy with the result.

Once you saved the letter, you will redirect to “My Letters” page. In order to attach your letter to your job advertisements, you will need to click on the “0” below Jobs Attached.

You will be redirected to a new page with an overview of the jobs that are already attached to the letter, and a tab showing the jobs that are unattached to the letter. Check the box in front of the jobs you would like to attach to the letter and click on “Attach Jobs to this Letter”.

Have More Questions?

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