Recruitment Strategy Model

Understand your recruiting needs so you can optimize your process to find the right candidates!

Where are you on the funnel?

Before you post a job, first identify your recruitment strategy. Do you need as many applications as possible? Or, do you need a more refined number of applications that include highly qualified candidates? From there, use Jobmedic tools to execute on your strategy to achieve your recruiting goals.


You might need a High Volume Recruitment Strategy if you’re filling a position that has high turnover, is seasonal or if there is a limited supply of potential candidates. Other indications could be if you do not have specific requirements (i.e. high school diploma, entry-level, etc.). Here are some ideas for creating a High Volume Strategy:

  • Use common job titles within the posting
  • Mention compensation (or key benefits)
  • Create and send email campaigns
  • Do not include screening questions, since these restrict the position from being dynamically recommended to job seekers and can increase candidate drop off


You’ll need a Refined Recruitment Strategy if there is an ample supply of candidates, you’re filling positions with extremely specific requirements or if the position can be open for a longer period of time. Here are some ideas for creating a Refined Strategy:

  • Post to niche job boards
  • Create robust job requirements within posting
  • Include premium company branding to target specific audiences
  • Include one or two screening questions that confirm candidates have certain education levels or levels of experience