– What counts as a CV Database credit?


We would like to let you know about our latest changes on our website. We have changed our CV Database to accommodate your needs and part of that is how we count the credits used.

What counts as a CV Database credit?

  • Selecting multiple CVs on the search results page and forwarding those to selected email address.

When you choose multiple CVs at once and forward those (performing “bulk action”), this will count as credits. For example, if we choose three CVs and forward these, you would use three credits.

  • Downloading CVs on the main results page.

If the candidate has uploaded a CV for their profile, you are able to download that from the main results page by clicking the download icon. This action will use up one credit per CV.

  • Unlocking chosen CV.

This is our newest feature that will allow you to have a closer look into our candidates without using a credit. Only once you click “Unlock CV Info”, you will use up one credit. By doing this, you will be able to perform actions to this candidate and view their contact details for the next 24 hours without spending more credits.

  • Creating tags no longer uses a credit from you.

If you would like to save some candidates in the search results list for later, you can do so by selecting the wanted CVs and clicking “Tag Selected CV’s”. You may name this tags as wished and by pressing, ‘enter’ you have successfully created a tag. You will find these candidates later under the “Tags” section. Please note that this action will no longer use up any credits from you.

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