– CV database Demo Tour

We would like to let you know about our latest changes on our website. We have changed our CV Database to accommodate your needs and part of that is a guided tour to help you use our site.

How to use our CV database tour?

If you are using our CV database the first time or need a refresh on the functions, this would be a great tool for you. To enter our guided tour, please click on the demo tour icon in the bottom of the page:

By clicking the arrow buttons, you are able to move along the tour. You are also able to end the tour at any point you wish by simply clicking the “end” button:

We hope this helps you to keep up with our newest features on the site.

Furthermore, if you would like to have refresh training – we are more than happy to arrange that for you! Please contact us with below details.

Have More Questions?

We are here to help! Contact Jobmedic Support at 0800 032 8082 or