– How to unlock a CV!

We would like to let you know about our latest changes on our website. We have changed our CV Database to accommodate your needs and part of that is how we count the credits used.

Please be advised that we have changed the way we show the candidates on your CV search results. As from this month, you are able to look into the candidate profiles without using a credit. Only once the CV is “unlocked” you will spend a credit and see the following details:

– Candidate last name
– Candidate contact details
– Candidate full CV
– Action buttons

How to unlock a CV

Once you enter candidates’ profile, you will find only a small summary of their details:

To reveal candidates’ full information, you will need to unlock the CV:

Once unlocked, you will be able to download and forward the CV and contact the candidate.

Unlocking a CV will cost one credit and it will be unlocked for 24 hours.

Moreover, further actions for the unlocked CV will be free of charge for the next 24 hours.

If the same CV will be unlocked again after 24 hours, that action will cost another credit.


You will find more details about the cost of every action in the CV Database Search in the following post  “What counts as a CV Database credit?”

Have More Questions?

We are here to help! Contact Jobmedic Support at 0800 032 8082.

Boolean Searches for Health Care

Boolean 101. Here’s your quick guide to understanding the basics of Boolean.


AND searches require that all of the terms you have listed are found in your results. AND narrows or decreases results.
The result would be everything in the green area: the solutions that contain both blue and yellow.
For example: design and html — The results would be everyone who had “design” as well as “html” listed somewhere in
their resume.


OR searches require that your results contain any one of the terms being searched. The OR operator can be used to
broaden or increase your results.
In this case, the result would be everything in the blue, yellow, or green area: the solutions that are either blue or yellow!
For example: mechanic or diesel — The results would be everyone who had either “mechanic” or “diesel” listed
somewhere in their resume.


NOT (or AND NOT) Searches — NOT (or AND NOT) searches mean that a term or terms can be excluded from your results.
In this case, the result would be everything in the blue area only — nothing that contains any yellow!
For example: pharmaceutical and not sales
The results would be everyone who had “pharmaceutical” in their resume, but would automatically exclude everyone
who had “sales.”

Here are some examples to give you an idea of the Boolean search. You may amend and add filters relevant to your needs.


Medical Assistant
(“medical assistant”) (“medical equipment” OR “medical devices” OR “medical device” OR “med device” OR
“stryker” OR “abbott” OR “boston scientific” OR “depuy” OR “j&j” OR “kci”) (“medical instruments”) (“lab
testing”) (“medical” OR “medical devices” OR “pharma” OR “pharmaceutical” OR “healthcare” OR “med
devices” OR “pharmaceuticals” OR “device” OR “medical device” OR “chemical” OR “health” OR “hospital”)
(“medical supplies”)
(medical OR med OR surgical OR GP OR “doctor’s” OR doctors OR clinical) (assistant OR ass OR asst)

Registered Nurse
(Nurse OR Nursing OR RN OR “r n” OR IPN OR rgn) (Registered OR General OR Licensed OR Practical OR
Practitioner OR NMC)

Pharmacy Technician
(pharmacy OR pharmacist OR pharmaceutical OR pharma OR otc OR “over the counter” OR prescription)
(technician OR tech OR otc OR wbt OR “ward-based” OR “ward based” OR Technician)

(phlebotomist OR phlebotomy OR “blood test” OR bloods)

Dental Assistant
(dental OR dentist OR dentistry OR rdn) (Assistant OR asst OR nurse OR nursing OR rdn) -dentist -doctor
-professor -manager

Certified Nursing Assistant
(nursing OR nurse OR rn OR stna OR lpn OR rgn OR care OR healthcare OR health) (assistant OR asst) NOT
director NOT manager NOT customer NOT research

Nurse Practitioner
(nurse OR aprn OR np OR anp) (practitioner OR np OR aprn OR anp)

Patient Care Technician
(care OR “patient-care” OR patient OR healthcare) (technician OR tech OR assistant OR asst OR “ass.”) NOT
director NOT manager NOT customer NOT research

Physical Therapist
(physical OR physio OR “physiotherapist” OR “physio-therapist”) (therapist OR pt OR “physiotherapist” OR
“physio-therapist” OR therapy) – New features update!

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We would like to let you know about a major new feature that went live on the CV database: Semantic Search Expansion.

When you now run a search on the CV Database, we automatically suggest related search terms that will bring in a wider selection of relevant candidates.

   In addition to this feature, we also now show the distance from a postcode when you do a postcode search. This is a great way of searching for candidates near a specific location!

And finally, when you set up a CV alert, you can now choose to set up on-site notifications too: Upon selecting this, you will get notified in the site header any time a CV is posted or updated, that matches your saved criteria.

Log in to the CV database here to start using this feature!

Kind Regards,
The Team at